My Two South’s Kerela Fried Chicken and Waffles with Spicy Maple Syrup


Another matcha recipe? No, I’m not a monster. Well, maybe I am. Somehow, Sundays have become a Day of Indulgence. Not only did I devour  fried chicken and waffles, but also (healthyish) chocolate chip cookies and a giant poke bowl-all in the span of five measly hours.

As is it National Waffle Day on March 25th(in Sweden because of course America has to have it’s own Waffle Day), I thought it imperative to share the awesomeness of these cardamom waffles with spicy syrup. A little fried chicken on the side doesn’t hurt either. Once I have a recipe in mind, some unstoppable force of determination takes over, compelling me to Target after work, where I made a beeline straight to the waffle irons.

Stacked waffles with fried chicken

I had this fried chicken recipe in my back pocket for months. The recipe: buttermilk friend chicken and waffles. The twist: mint, cilantro, and serrano pepper buttermilk marinade with cardamom waffles AND spicy syrup? Who can resist!  As I have been fervently following Food52’s 2017 Piglet challenge, the recipe inspirations pile up, with this recipe first in the queue. With the recipe available on multiple sites, I thought it best to skip the recipe post and focus my energies on describing the intricate play of flavors that this fried chicken and waffles recipe opens you up to.

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