A Food Obsessed Girl From Singapore

Hello and welcome. Considering how bafflingly large the Internet world is, it’s pretty amazing that you’ve stumbled upon this blog of mine. It’s pretty amazing that I’m writing this, too. After years of dawdling and false starts, I’ve decided: 2017 is the year I am starting my blog. This. Is. It. Here we go…

My name is Christy. My friends call me Crust.

Let’s keep this short and sweet. I was born in California and moved to Singapore, at the tender age of 5, where I experienced a world of food that stuck with me. After four years at WashU, I still couldn’t stop thinking about food. Food captivates me the way Finance and Marketing never has, to the point where I in the culinary program at the San Francisco Cooking School (instead of finding a job, hah).

After a year of staging in Michelin-starred restaurants and constantly experimenting in my tiny kitchen, I have found myself in a startup in SF–shocking, I know.

In the past two years, I’ve switched from data analytics, where I taught myself MySQL, to the dev team. That’s right, I’ve officially become an engineer! I am proud to call myself a front-end developer (how very San Francisco of me).

I have grown restless, to say the least, in the past months. I know I don’t regularly update this blog as much as I should, but I like to know that this space is here when I am ready.

This blog is hopefully a means to keep myself grounded.

Thanks for visiting!

Other Things To Know: 

  • I am never without a book, be it a cookbook, a library book, or a kindle
  • I am lactose-intolerant yet but eat copious amounts of yogurt. Worth it? Always.  
  • I (obsessively) read yelp reviews
  • I only drink caffeine on vacation-something about a well make cup of coffee or latte equals relaxation to me 
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